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Sayer Leo

The Very Best
Sayer Leo The Very Best

PAL Color. Dolby Digital 2CH with 3D noise filter. Ремастированные архивные записи VHS в DVD качестве (Bit rate: 9,17Mbps). Time: 40 min.


Long Tall Glasses


You Make Me Feel Like Dansing

When I Need You

How Much Love

Thunder in My Heart

More Than I Can Say

Have You Ever Been in Love

Heart (Stop Beating in Time)

Till You Come Back to Me

Unchained Melody

Ishihara Yujiro
Toki Yo Omae Wa
Ishikawa Sauri
Kage Wo Shitaite
Ishikawa Sauri
Inochi Moyashite
Ishikawa Sauri
Hi no Kuni E
Ishikawa Sauri

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