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Various Artists

Rock Around The Clock
Various Artists Rock Around The Clock
Фильм, с переводом на русский язык

Its Rock N Roll
Various Artists It's Rock 'N' Roll

1. It's Rock 'N Roll - Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets, I Told You So - Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets

2. That's Alright Mama - Chas And Dave And Friends

3. Down On The Farm - Freddie 'Fingers' Lee

4. Keep On Coming - Flying Saucers

5. Love Bandit - The Darts

6. Milk Cow Blues - The Pirates

7. Make Like Rock 'N Roll - Matchbox

8. The South's Gonna Rise Again - Flying Saucers

9. At My Front Door - The Darts

10. Sexy Ways - Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets

11. Washing Machine Boogie - Matchbox

12. Big Blonde Baby - Chas And Dave And Friends

13. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Freddie 'Fingers' Lee

14. Sweet Love On My Mind - The Pirates


Collector Rock ‘n‘ Roll
Various Artists Collector Rock ‘n‘ Roll

1. Set Me Free: Bill Morrison

2. Life Begins At Four A 'Clock: Bobby Milano

3. Travelor Rock: Dave's Travelor's

4. Jungle Rock: Jim Bobo

5. Sunglasses Afther Dark: Dwight Pullen

6. Teenage Bug: Dwight Pullen

7. Screamin Mimi Jeany: Hawks

8. I'm Lost: Hawks

9. Cottonpickin': N. Raiders

10. Hidi Hidi Hidi: Hawks-Raiders

11. Bip Bop Boom: Hawks

12. Rock'n Roll & Rhythm: Hawks

13. School Of Rock'n Roll: J.Mcclung

14. Nervous: M.Tarver

15. Gotta Lotta That: B. Bidwell

16. Twixteen: M. Tarver

17. Alabama Shake: J.Mcclung

18. Strait Straight Skirt: M.Tarver

19. Stop At The Hop: Don Eee

20. Jack And Jill: Warren Storm

21. Movin' Out: The Squires

22. Rock On The Moon: Jimmy Steward

23. School House Rock: Billy Harlan

24. I Wanna Bop: Billy Harlan


Dance To The Bop
Various Artists Dance To The Bop

1. Church Bells May Ring - Bob Oakes

2. Six Button Benny - The Nite Riders

3. Yum-Mee,  Yum-Mee - The Four Counts

4. Dance To The Bop - Steve Drexel

5. Good Gracious Baby - Sam Butera

6. Hi Ho Little Girl - The Terrigan Brothers

7. That's My Gal - Dale Wright

8. Ding Dong - Chuck Mills

9. Good For Nothin' - Scott Engel

10. Train Rock - Johnny Boni

11. Candy And Flowers - The Tyrones

12. Bye-Bye-Teacher - Billy Randall

13. Be Mine - The Bell  Notes

14. Cuckoo - The Four Counts

15. Straight Skirts - Dave Sommerville

16. Shorty Shorty - Bob And Ray

17. You're The One - Rudy West And The Five Keys

18. Rocka Rolla Rock - Sonny Brooks



Ishihara Yujiro
Toki Yo Omae Wa
Ishikawa Sauri
Kage Wo Shitaite
Ishikawa Sauri
Inochi Moyashite
Ishikawa Sauri
Hi no Kuni E
Ishikawa Sauri

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