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Sinatra Nancy

Movin' With Nancy

Movin With Nancy

1. I Gotta Get Out Of This Town

2. Who Will Buy

3. Wait Till You See Him

4. Younger Than Springtime

5. Things

6. Some Velvet Morning

7. See The Little Children

8. Up, Up And Away

9. Friday's Child

10. Jackson

11. This Town

12. What'd I Say

13. Drummer Man

14. I Love Them All

15. Good Time Girl

Ishihara Yujiro
Toki Yo Omae Wa
Ishikawa Sauri
Kage Wo Shitaite
Ishikawa Sauri
Inochi Moyashite
Ishikawa Sauri
Hi no Kuni E
Ishikawa Sauri

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