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Taylor Sam

Easy Listening

Easy Listening

1. Comin’ Trio’the Rye

2. Ehwn It’s Lamplightin’ Time In The Valle

3. Come Back To Sorrento

4. My Old Kentucky Home

5. Chanson Indous

6. Annie Laurie

7. Home On The Range

8. Home Sweet Home

9. Dreaming Of Home And Mother

10. Die Lorelei

11. My Dear Old Sunny Home

12. The Last Rose Of Summer

13. Der Lindenbaum

14. Going Home

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Ishihara Yujiro
Toki Yo Omae Wa
Ishikawa Sauri
Kage Wo Shitaite
Ishikawa Sauri
Inochi Moyashite
Ishikawa Sauri
Hi no Kuni E
Ishikawa Sauri

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