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In order to become the member of club you need to register on our site. Membership in a club gives you a right for access to the information given by us about audio and video. If you order disks or reception of information about prices, it is necessary to enter your individual password got during registration. Purchase of disks will mean a membership due. The given information on a site is not commercial.


If you are in other town or country, we gladly will deliver information interesting you by mail or in any other way, read about this in a section "Delivery".


Attention: If we have information that you resell disks, give advertisings in the Internet or any other place, we will not take anymore the queries over you and You will be pushed aside from membership in the club. There is distinction between a sale and piece distribution in the fan-club and we would like these disks had remained inaccessible out of the club. Please consider these disks, as benefit from membership in the fan-club.


Note: Mainly, disks are digitized from vinyl disks on the professional equipment of firm of "EMT". The subsequent cleaning of noises of plate is used. Cover and appearance of disk is original development. All disks are sealed up.

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